Camp Good Days Summer Staff 2017

This is a residential , seasonal position available to those who are 18 years of age or older.  Summer Staff will stay for the duration of the summer, with some days/weekends off, at our Recreational Facility located on Kueka Lake, in Branchport, NY.  

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Aquatics / Waterfront Director

The Aquatics / Waterfront Director develops a safe, fun and purposeful aquatics program; and with the aquatics staff, maintains the aquatics equipment and safety gear.

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Kitchen Assistant

The Kitchen Assistant is directly responsible to the Kitchen Manager and helps to oversee the overall operation of the camp's kitchen and the preparation and serving of the meals and food items.  The Kitchen Assistant will have training and knowledge in food service and comply with New York State Department of Health requirements of food handling, storage and serving, preferably with certification in Food Service Handling.  The Kitchen Assistant and Kitchen Manager will work closely together on maintaining a safe, fun and energetic environment, while ensuring that staff and volunteers are handling and storing food properly and pots, pans and dishes are sufficiently cleaned and sanitized after each meal.  The Kitchen Assistant will be the authority in the event that the Kitchen Manager is not on site.

This is a seasonal summer position with the option to reside at the Residential Facility.

Please send resume and cover letter to Christina Woods, Camp Director, at cwoods@campgooddays.org


Maintenance Assistant

Camp Good Days is looking for a qualified person for the Maintenance Assistant position.  This person will report directly to the Property Director and will work closely with him/her and other maintenance/property staff.  The Maintenance Assistant job responsibilities will be, but are not limited to facilities upkeep, lawn upkeep and cleaning of various buildings (dining hall, sleeping quarters, etc...).

Please send resume and cover letter to Christina Woods, Camp Director, at cwoods@campgooddays.org