The Aquatics / Waterfront Director develops a safe, fun and purposeful aquatics program; and with the aquatics staff, maintains the aquatics equipment and safety gear.  The Aquatics Director is responsible to the Camp Director, Program Coordinator and works closely with the Medical Director.

All waterfront activities fall under the direct supervision and responsibility of the Aquatics /Waterfront Director.  S/he is responsible for classifying the abilities of his/her staff and for seeing that they are used to the best advantage in carrying out a well-planned program in coordination with the overall camp program.  The Camp Director and Program Coordinator must first approve all activities using the waterfront, such as boating, fishing and swimming with concurrence of the Aquatics / Waterfront Director.

With the assistance of the aquatics staff, the Aquatics /Waterfront Director, Assistant Aquatics Director and Pool Coordinator are responsible for ensuring that campers, volunteers and staff are tested and classified at their respective swimming levels.  S/he is responsible for a well-planned program of instruction and recreation.  The Aquatics / Waterfront Director sees that equipment is adequate in quantity and quality and that the highest safety precautions are carried out.

The Aquatics / Waterfront Director will be familiar with safety procedures and plans and will schedule rotations for the aquatics staff between various areas requiring supervision (i.e. lake, boating, fishing, etc.).  They will also see to it that drills are performed at least once a week at the waterfront.  Canoeing, sailing and boating activities must be approved by the Camp Director.  The Aquatics /Waterfront Director will assign certified aquatics staff to ensure water safety standards are in effect.

This position is seasonal with potential to move to full-time.

The Aquatics / Waterfront Director will be at least 21 years of age with three years guarding experience on a waterfront.  S/he must possess all current certifications and the director must be a current Water Safety Instructor.  If the Director also performs lifeguarding duties, they must have current ARC (or equivalent) Waterfront Lifeguarding, CPR for the Professional Rescuer, First Aid: Responding to Emergencies certifications.  The following are recommended certifications: ARC Head Lifeguard Component, Certified Pool Operator and ARC CPR-D and Oxygen Administration.

To Apply:

Please submit letter of interest and resume, to:

Caitlyn Bailey, Camp Director

Camp Good Days and Special Times, Inc.

1332 Pittsford-Mendon Road, PO Box 665

Mendon, NY 14506


Fax: 585-624-5799