Camp Good Days Radio Show

Tune in to the Camp Good Days Radio show to find out what Camp Good Days is up to!

Each show has guests and topics carefully chosen to give you an up close and personal look into what goes on at Camp Good Days.

For the November show, we will be talking about the upcoming Online Wine Auction, the Rochester Camper Family Pumpkin Carving Event, and volunteering! Our featured guests are: News10NBC Anchor, Jennifer Mobilia; Camp Volunteer, David McGinnis; Camper and Volunteer, Brian Vattimo; Victor Football Head Coach, Geoff Mandile; and Canandaigua Football Head Coach, Jeff Welch.

The show airs the first Thursday of each month at 6:30 PM on WYSL 1040AM / 92.1 FM.

Missed the show? Tune in to the Camp Good Days podcast here.