Camp Good Days Radio Show

Tune in to the Camp Good Days Radio show to find out what Camp Good Days is up to!

Each show has guests and topics carefully chosen to give you an up close and personal look into what goes on at Camp Good Days.

For the April show, we will be talking with Jeff Tara from BrandVue Design, Scott Ellender from Monroe Golf Club, and Tony Menechella from the FLIWC. There will also be staff from Camp Good Days joining: Founder, Gary Mervis; Camp Director, Caitlyn Bailey; Director of Special Events and Fundraising, Jamie Varble; and Assistant to the Founder and Communications Director, Kira Smelser.

The show airs the first Thursday of each month at 6:30 PM on WYSL 1040AM / 92.1 FM.

Missed the show? Tune in to the Camp Good Days podcast here.