The WNY Camp Good Days office holds monthly events for our Campers year-round. Since most of our events have parents dropping their children off for activities, we need lots of volunteers to act as chaperones. Not only do you get to join us on a bunch of fun outings, you are making a huge difference to a child affected by cancer. 

All volunteers who work directly with our kids must be 18 years or older, have medical insurance and must pass a series of background checks.  Volunteer opportunities for children under 18 years of age are available as well! Acceptance into our program is at Camp Good Days' discretion. In addition to working with the Campers locally and/or at our Recreational Facility, we have the following volunteer opportunities (age restrictions may apply, please contact for more information): 

Office Assistance, Special Events (Fundraisers, Awareness Campaigns), Gala Committee and Advisory Board. Please contact Alicia Sommer to learn more about these volunteer opportunities.

Volunteer Training  

(For those wanting to volunteer with the Camp Kids)


New volunteers interested in working directly with the children must attend a 1.5 hour training, held at our office in Depew.  Please email Alicia Sommer to schedule a training.

Camp Good Days doesn't stop after the summer, activities go all year round in WNY! If you are interested in volunteering for Camp Good Days, start here by filling out our online application. Click Here! 

Our volunteers in WNY make it possible for our programs and fundraising events to continue. Meet some of the volunteers who help us make a difference in the lives of some very special kids!

Volunteer Spotlights:

January 2020: Kristy Wind

Kristy Wind is no stranger to working with children.  On top of being a much-loved teacher at St. Mark School, she also volunteers as a Girl Scout Leader.  Kristy and her Girl Scout troop are currently planning a trip across the pond to England!  When she is not spending her time with her students and troop, Kristy loves to go camping, fishing and reading as many books as she can!  Perfect interests for someone volunteering for a Camp and the Girl Scouts, if you ask us!      

Kristy first heard about Camp Good Days in 2011 while she was student teaching.  One of her students was undergoing treatment at the time and shared her experience attending Camp programs with Kristy! A colleague of Kristy’s also knew of people who had volunteered, and soon after they were helping Kristy sign up to volunteer too!  Kristy has since continued the trend of passing along the joy of volunteering with us by bringing on a group of her students to volunteer during KazooFest and encouraging friends of hers to become counselors too.

To anyone thinking about volunteering, Kristy says “it is one of the most rewarding things you will ever give your time to!  You will always leave with a smile on your face!”  Not only does Kristy leave with a smile, but so do the Campers she works with!  Kristy’s fondest memory of a Camp event occurred during our fishing event.  Kristy says the camper she was paired with for the day had never had the chance to go fishing before.  Being a fan of fishing, Kristy was excited to share one of her passions with her young Camper.  She taught the child all the tricks she knew, and her Camper ended up catching the most fish of the night!  Her Camper was so proud and had the biggest smile while telling her brother all about the experience.  It is moments like this that allow us to say Camp Good Days is truly where courage knows no boundaries. A huge part of that truth is because of encouraging, supportive counselors like Kristy!    

December 2019: Deb Eberhardt

Retired from her career in the health insurance industry, Deb Eberhardt spends her time enjoying her family.  In addition to having two sons, she describes her granddaughter, Norah, as her “happy place.” When not with her “happy place,” she enjoys taking the time to garden and read.   

Deb says her other hobby is volunteering.  She started volunteering with Camp Good Days nearly nine years ago, at the recommendation of a friend.  In addition to volunteering as a Camp counselor, Deb has volunteered at our Annual Gala, the World’s Largest Disco, KazooFest and countless other fundraising and programing events!  We truly believe there is nothing Deb won’t do to support campers and their families.

Attending countless Camp events over the years, Deb has collected many memories that she cherishes.  She recalls a time she spent with a shy camper heading to Fantasy Island.  The camper had brought a beloved stuffed animal that he clutched tightly to on the bus ride for comfort.  With her gentle and encouraging words, she was able to get her camper to put his animal down, so they could enjoy the park together.  With the stuffed animal stowed away for safe keeping, Deb and her camper had an awesome day together.  They enjoyed the rides and he did not once worry about his stuffed animal.  The camper was so proud of himself at the end of the day and so was Deb!  

When asked what she would say to someone thinking about becoming a counselor she replied, “It is such a rewarding experience to share your time, silliness and love with children and families that are going through a difficult time.  At times, I wish I could do more to lessen their struggles.  It’s humbling to witness their strength and courage.”

When applying to become a counselor, Deb shared that her wish is to “play a small part in creating memories and bring happiness, even for a day, to a child.”  From all of us here at Camp Good Days, thank you Deb for doing just that for our Campers.