Summer Camp

Located on Keuka Lake, our Recreational Facility is home to nine residential cabins, several activity huts, a waterfront beach, pool, dining hall, sports field, and more. Our fully equipped infirmary is ready to meet the medical needs of our Campers- from bumps and bruises to chemotherapy.

Our overnight program allows for kids dealing with cancer, ages 8-17, to be surrounded by others who are experiencing similar challenges, allowing them the opportunity to connect with others who understand their unique circumstances. Campers’ days are filled with opportunities to challenge themselves, make friends and try new things.

For our Junior Campers (ages 4-7), we offer a day camp hosted by our three regional offices (Buffalo, Rochester, Syracuse). Jr. Campers will spend their week meeting new friends while exploring fun local attractions, such as amusement parks and children’s museums.

For more details on the upcoming summer sessions, visit our Summer Camp page