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2024 Remarkable Women: Wendy Mervis
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2024 Remarkable Women: Wendy Mervis


Recently, Channel 8 aired the annual Remarkable Women contest, a wonderful initiative aimed at honoring the outstanding achievements of women within our community. I was thrilled to learn that Wendy, Executive Director of Camp Good Days, was among the four finalists nominated.

Each day, I witness firsthand the incredible dedication she pours into ensuring that Camp Good Days continues its vital mission of supporting those affected by cancer and their families. Her efforts not only sustain the heartbeat of our organization but also positively impact our community.

Tuesday evening, Wendy and I had the privilege of attending a reception at the Channel 8 station where she, along with the other three finalists, were celebrated. Wendy Bello, the General Manager of the station, graciously extended her congratulations to Wendy with a heartfelt note—a gesture meant a great deal.

“Wendy on behalf of all the staff at WROC I would like to congratulate you on being selected as a remarkable women finalist for all you do and the impact you make in our community. You are so deserving of this recognition.”

This experience served as an important reminder of the immense pride we all share for her here at Camp Good Days. Much of her invaluable work occurs behind the scenes, often going unnoticed, yet it is the very foundation upon which we are able to offer our diverse array of programs and services like our popular women’s oncology program which was started by Wendy.

It was incredibly gratifying to witness her being acknowledged and celebrated for her contributions. Her recognition not only honors her individual efforts but also shines a spotlight on the collective impact of our organization as a whole. We are so grateful for her unwavering commitment and dedication to making a positive difference in the lives of those we serve.