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In Memory of Wayne Meisenzahl
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In Memory of Wayne Meisenzahl


Wayne R. Meisenzahl was a longtime leader in the Rochester community and a great supporter of Camp Good Days. Wayne found a calling in helping others in his community and through that passion he became a important member of the Camp Good Days family.

Wayne was an influential member of local politics around the same time that I was working for the state legislature. I knew of him due to working in similar fields, but we were not close at the time. One day when I was down at our Recreational Camping Facility on Keuka Lake that we had recently acquired, tending to some improvement projects, I received a call from Wayne. He explained to me that to celebrate the end of his treatment for cancer he and his wife took a trip to Orlando, Florida to visit Disney World. While visiting he realized what a special place it was for children and the positive impact that it could have on their lives, especially those that have been dealt with unfortunate circumstances. He told me that he would like to work with Camp Good Days to send children diagnosed with cancer to Disney World. I asked him how many kids he was considering trying to send on this trip, thinking he would say one, two, or three. Wayne stated that he wanted to send 25-30 children to Disney! While talking to him, I was astonished by his generosity and commitment to our Campers. I worked closely with Wayne to make sure that his dream came true. Soon enough, we were in Orlando with our Campers, showing them the magic of Disney World!

What Wayne didn’t know is that he would affect not only 25-30 children but hundreds in years to come. This became an annual trip for Camp Good Days Campers and to this day because of Wayne Meisenzahl, we have brought over 500 children to see the many wonders in Orlando, Florida!

I am so grateful to have so many amazing people, like Wayne, in my life. People who take action to help others without a second thought or asking for anything in return. He saw the magic of Disney and the idea of some children not being able to experience that was unthinkable to him. Throughout the years, Wayne stayed a part of each and every trip that we had taken, either by coming with us for a day when he was in Florida, or our campers sending him postcards about the highlights of their trip. Moments like those are what brought him the most happiness. He once told me that he never forgot the quote that I once told him, “The two most important days in our lives are the day we are born and day we figure out why.” Wayne figured out why and it was to bring joy to others, which he did in spades each day.

I am so thankful that Wayne called me that one-day years ago and that we were able to form such a special bond. He was a dear friend, and he certainly left his mark on me and on Camp Good Days. Heaven has gained another Camp Good Days angel and he will never be forgotten.