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A Letter From Our Founder


As many of you know, since March of this year I have spent the majority of my time and efforts dealing with an enlarged prostate and all that goes along with that and I wanted to give you all a quick update. Dr. Louis Eichel, Chief of the Division of Urology at Rochester General Hospital will be performing the necessary surgery this coming Monday, June 28, 2021.

While I am nervous because this is a different type of surgery that does not remove the prostate but will reduce the overall size to minimize the risks of further debilitating symptoms and issues, Dr. Eichel feels confident with the surgical plan and hopes he can correct the problem that initially led to my Emergency Room visit and subsequent hospital stay a few months ago.

Wendy thought I was having a stroke and 911 dispatched the Mobile Stroke Unit Ambulance, which is phenomenal with advanced medical technology on-board. I did not have a stroke, but learned I was in Acute Renal Failure and the decision to have dialysis was canceled after three days waiting to see if my kidney function would start to improve, which it did. I am so thankful for Dr. Mark Gestring, Dr. Jean Joseph and the entire medical staff and care team that treated me at the University of Rochester Medical Center. I had to spend time in the in-patient rehabilitation facility and upon being able to return to the comfort of my own home, I continue to have weekly sessions of physical therapy and occupational therapy with University of Rochester Home Care specialists, along with multiple in-person and online appointments with my doctors.

I have been working really hard to get better and stronger and I have made significant improvement so that Dr.Louis Eichel, and Dr. Rick Constantino, my Primary Care Physician and dear friend, feel I am ready for the next step in recovery, which is this coming Monday’s surgery.

I, like anyone, am nervous about having major, invasive surgery, but it was never a question of if, but just when would the surgery take place and now is the right time. It will be a lot to go through the surgery and the recovery to follow, but I am very much looking forward to getting this behind me and moving forward with the
next chapters.

I want to thank each and everyone of you who have reached out to me, or to Wendy, via phone, text, email, cards, visits, etc. It means more than words can express to have so many people who love and care about you! So many of you have asked how to help...I am one who never underestimates the power of prayer, so the only help I ask for is that you say a prayer for my family and I that all goes well on Monday with the surgery and my recovery to follow.

I look forward to chatting with you all again soon to give you another update and focus on the coming weeks and months ahead, not just about my personal situation, but about the many things happening and coming up at Camp Good Days!

Wishing you all Good Days and Special Times!

God Bless!