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Announcing Our New Logo!

Sat, Mar 20th 2021 05:00 pm

Our logo has gone through some changes lately as you may have noticed! Let’s take you through a history of our logos over the past 42 years...

The first logo used for Camp Good Days was a simple stick figure. This simple image of a child with rays of sunshine was a great way to kick off Camp Good Days as a summer camp. You can see this logo in the image below on the shirt of Elizabeth “Teddi” Mervis. Camp Good Days was started to provide Teddi and 62 other children diagnosed with cancer with a residential camping experience, and this logo was a great way to show the happiness and hope that existed at camp.

After the end of camp in the summer of 1982—the last year in the Adirondack Mountains—Gary Mervis gave a large amount of pictures to a graphic designer named Sean McCormick, who was asked to make a calendar for the campers with a highlighted week of camp and collages of pictures—something to keep them company in the hospital and act as a beacon of hope, knowing camp was just around the corner. Sean noticed that a lot of the pictures had a clown included. This clown was a much-loved volunteer named Frank Towner, who dressed up professionally as Crossroads the Clown. Sean was very interested in him and asked Gary if he could play around with the logo for Camp Good Days to include Crossroads. Sean’s following design creation became the logo for Camp Good Days for more than 35 years, with various adaptations being used for anniversaries and events.


The Camp Good Days logo had three main elements: balloons, a clown and a brick wall. Each symbolized an integral part of Camp. The balloons represented ever-present hope that exists at Camp. The clown represented our campers, who never let go of that hope. And the brick wall represented the cancer each camper faces daily.

Various taglines were used over the years, including the most-used phrase, “Celebrating Courage Since 1979.”

When Camp Good Days was nearing its milestone 40th year, we wanted to have a new logo that would celebrate this amazing achievement while also making the logo a little simpler. That is where BrandVue Design President, Jeff Tara, came in. He offered to help Camp Good Days design a logo, free of charge. After listening to the hopes of Gary and the staff at Camp Good Days, he came up with the colorful, modern, and fun 40th Anniversary logo.

This logo showcased our excitement of celebrating 40 years while also using elements from our traditional logo—the image of the balloon to represent hope, and the primary colors of blue, orange and red. Camp Good Days celebrates the courage of those who live life to the fullest, those who appreciate the fact that tomorrow may never come, and so we wanted to keep the word “courage” in our tagline as an homage to our past, present and future campers. For this logo, we decided to get rid of the clown image. While Frank Towner aka “Crossroads the Clown” is still very much involved with Camp Good Days, we have expanded from only offering programs for children, to also offering programs for adults diagnosed with cancer, and have created various community initiative programs. So, we felt that the balloon was the best part of the logo to cross over moving forward.

For the 41st year, we kept the 40th Anniversary logo and just added the word “over,” while we decided how we wanted to move forward.

Then, during 2020, we sat down with Jeff again, and he came up with our new logo, which we will be using moving forward. This logo once again showcases the known image of the balloon associated with Camp Good Days, while switching up the style of the writing, with “Camp Good Days” on the side of the balloon. We adopted a new tagline, “Creating Special Times Since 1979” to incorporate the second half of our name that often gets dropped when people fondly speak about “Camp Good Days.” We are so thankful to Jeff for taking the time to help us create such a wonderful image that represents “Camp.”

We hope that you are as excited about our new logo as we are! No matter our design changes, our love for our campers and our dedication to their overall health and happiness remain at the forefront of what we do.