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In Memory of an Angel: Dave Stebbins
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In Memory of an Angel: Dave Stebbins


 These are unprecedented times we are living through. COVID has had a tremendous impact on our society, and we will feel it for years to come. Here at Camp Good Days, we are just starting to come back to some sense of normalcy- or the closest thing we can get to it. We are finishing up our summer schedule for 2023 and hope that it will be published by January.


    With this year coming to a close I have been reflecting on the past year and the blessings that I have been gifted; something that I think we should all do more. All too often we let our hardships in life outshine our blessings. When in life more often than not our blessings exceed any hardships, we face. When we look at it we all have so much to be thankful for. I have been taking some time to reflect on all the wonderful people the good Lord has put into my life to build and keep Teddi’s dream alive. I have met such remarkable people every step of the way that were able to step up, share their skills, and fill every need within Camp Good Days.

    Unfortunately, I have also had to deal with the loss of people who have come into my life thanks to Camp Good Days. This past weekend one of these beautiful souls has passed. He was an angel to Camp Good Days and exemplified what it means to be a part of this organization.

    Dave Stebbins was a Camp Good Days volunteer ranger for a number of years. Dave’s wife, Bobbi, works for Waterloo Container, a major sponsor of our Wine Auction Dinner. Through her involvement, I had the opportunity to meet Dave. Dave was a state trooper and offered his skills to volunteer down at our recreational facility on Keuka Lake as our Camp Ranger. Camp Good Days Rangers are current or former law enforcement officers stationed at camp that volunteers their time to ensure the safety of all our campers, staff, and volunteers. Dave served as our camp ranger for many years and became a crucial part of the Camp Good Days family.

    Sadly, last year I learned that Dave was diagnosed with a brain tumor. As he went through treatment and surgery, you would never know how sick he actually was. His spirits were always high, and he was always looking for what he could do for others. Dave was not only a true law enforcement professional, but a distinguished officer and committed Camp Good Days volunteer. He was a dedicated father to his two sons, Ryan & Thomas, and a loving husband to his wife Bobbi. Dave left behind a truly special family.

    I will forever cherish our great memories together down at camp with the children, along with our many conversations. I will miss Dave dearly; he was such a special friend. He will forever be a part of Camp Good Days and part of our memories.

    At camp, we have a ranger station. I am hoping upon camp’s opening this summer that we are able to place a plaque on the ranger’s station dedicating it to the brave women and men, like Dave Stebbins, who have served with us at Camp Good Days. Thank you all for your incredible service to our organization. I know that Dave is in heaven forever looking over all of our campers.


God Bless,