Summer Camp Volunteer Application

This summer, we are excited to return to summer camp. Volunteers are needed for our traditional summer camp programs and Family Camps. Must be 17+ to apply.

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Yes I am (will be) under the age of 18 years.

Medical / Health Insurance

Choosing A Program

It is important to understand that we look for people with different experiences. You MUST identify more than one program that you would be willing to volunteer for. Number the programs by preference. Please understand that we may ask you to volunteer at a camp session that is not your first choice. If you choose one program, your application will not be processed.

Information on the various programs can be found in the programs section of the web site. Some of the program descriptions may have changed since last summer.

Please select your top three choices for programs, with "1" being the highest. If you are selected, more detailed information about each specific program will be forwarded to you.

Note: All three choices are REQUIRED in order to complete this application.

I would be interested in volunteering for more than one program:

Volunteer Position: Your volunteer responsibilities will be based upon the specific program's needs. The majority of volunteers are selected to serve as counselors with the campers in cabins. However, if there is a specific area in which you would like to volunteer, please indicate that below.



Any certifications you may have that will pertain to your volunteer activity must be current through September 2022 or later. Copies of all certification cards / licenses MUST be forwarded to Attention Volunteer Coordinator.

*Mandatory: New York State Health Department requires ALL applicants to enclose a biography. We need to know about you, your experiences with Camp Good Days and Special Times, our programs, or anything that relates to your dealing with children who have special needs. Please include information on current certifications, areas of expertise, or any limitations, which you may have, and how we may accommodate you.

References (New Volunteers Only)

Give the names and addresses of 3 people (not relatives) having knowledge of your character, experience and ability.

References are required even for returning volunteers and former summer staff. Failure to do so will result in an unprocessed application.

Reference 1

Reference 2

Reference 3


New York Law requires that all applicants attend a training session prior to their camp session. Attendance is MANDATORY. If you do not attend the training session, you will not be able to volunteer at camp.

Please Read Carefully:
I am aware that in being accepted as a volunteer, I am committed to complete the MANDATORY TRAINING requirements by attending the below checked training program. The information provided by me in the volunteer application is true and complete to the best of my knowledge. I understand that if I am selected, any false statements will be considered cause for possible dismissal. You are hereby authorized to conduct a criminal background investigation of myself.
By volunteering for a camp session, you are making a commitment for the entire session for which you are selected. Early departure from a program is unfair to the campers and other volunteers; therefore it is not encouraged. Volunteers are expected to remain on the Camp Property at all times during the camp session.

COVID-19 Mitigation and Risk Management

The below questions are in regards to your ability to aid in our attempt to best reduce the risk of COVID-19 at camp. Please note guidelines and standards are subject to change based on CDC and ACA guidelines.


All Camp Good Days medical forms will be completed online.

Once accepted into a program Camp Good Days will send you a link to its online medical forms, to the email address provided.