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First Project T.I.P.S. Announced

Project T.I.P.S. Announces Event for Troup St. Neighborhood

Tue, May 26th 2015 10:45 am
Project T.I.P.S. served over 2,000 individuals in the summer of 2014.
Project T.I.P.S. served over 2,000 individuals in the summer of 2014.

Project T.I.P.S. will host its first event of 2015, in the Troup Street neighborhood on May 28, 2015, at Troup Street Park located at 210 Troup St.  

Project T.I.P.S. stands for Trust, Information, Programs & Services, and includes community agencies and law enforcement personnel working in selected neighborhoods to rebuild trust among residents and share information.  Locations are selected by Rochester Police Chief, Michael Ciminelli, along with his command staff, with collaboration from the Rochester Fire Department and other partner agencies. 

Project T.I.P.S. will begin on Thursday, May 28, 2015 with door-to-door, community surveys from 2:00 PM to 5:00 PM.  Groups, including two law enforcement officers, and two volunteers, will visit residents within the neighborhood to create conversations about quality of life issues, as well as to obtain information about the crime and violence that has plagued the neighborhood, in an anonymous format for residents.  The groups will also provide residents with information and contacts they can use regarding services that range from health care issues (cancer, diabetes, heart disease) to reporting information for things such as crime, vandalism, and fire.  

Project T.I.P.S. will continue with a community cookout and get together at 4:00 PM, at Troup St. Park, where residents can come and obtain more information from service providers and law enforcement agencies, as well as have some food and beverages, and have the opportunity to visit with their neighbors that they know and meet some neighbors they may not know. All of the food and beverages are provided free of charge from TOPS Markets.

"Since the inception of Project T.I.P.S. we have seen great success with these events and providing residents with information about the many services and programs available to them, as well as creating for them a forum in which they can share concerns, issues or suggestions, is a positive and productive effort," Gary Mervis stated.  "Each of the previous Project T.I.P.S. events has proven to be very successful and provides residents and community members the opportunity to share issues they are facing, in a safe and anonymous format, while also giving them tools and information they can use in the future."  

Project T.I.P.S. has quickly evolved into a community-wide effort with support and participation from the Partners Against Violence Everywhere (PAVE) Initiative, Project Exile Advisory Board, Rochester Police Department, Rochester Fire Department, City of Rochester Recreation Department, New York State Police, New York State Parole, Pathways to Peace, Monroe County District Attorney's Office, Monroe County Probation, Monroe County Sheriff's Department, US Attorney's Office, Monroe County Department of Human Services, Humane Society at Lollypop Farm, Rise Up Rochester, and numerous other law enforcement and community agencies.

For more information about Project T.I.P.S or Project Exile, please contact the PAVE Initiative at Camp Good Days, 585-624-5555 or check out www.campgooddays.org. # # #