Summer Staff FAQ

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Summer Staff FAQ

If you are interested in working at Camp Good Days this summer, you may have some questions about what to expect. The following are some things you might need to know before you apply! You should also read over our program descriptions so that you get a feel for the types of children we serve.

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1. What will I be doing as a part of the summer staff?

As a member of the Camp Good Days summer staff your primary responsibility will be the job assigned to you with your contract. You will have opportunities to work with campers in program areas, at the pool or waterfront, and during meals. Summer staff are required to live in the cabins with the children and volunteers. We have extensive interview, selection, and training process for all volunteer counselors that attend for the one week sessions/programs. For information on what positions are available please read the job descriptions found above carefully.

2. Is there training provided for staff?
Members of the summer staff are required to attend staff training June 18 – June 27, during this training you will become well acquainted with the Camp Good Days staff, mission, your role as a staff member and much more.
All staff will become have the opportunity to become first-aid and CPR certified during training; you will also have the opportunity to become lifeguard/waterfront certified.
We encourage all staff interested in becoming lifeguard/waterfront certified to attend the training, even if you are not hired to be a full time guard! Staff members who are not involved in lifeguard/waterfront training will not need to attend training on these days.
3. What are the dates I will need to be available to work?
Members of the 2013 Summer Staff are required to be present for all week long camping programs, these programs run from July 1st -August 23rd.
Some programs require staff to report Sunday for volunteer training.
There is a mandatory CIT/Volunteer training that all summer staff are required to be present for June 8th – June 9th.
For weekend programs we ask staff to stay and volunteer their time to help out. If there is no program scheduled on a given weekend, members of the summer staff are required to leave the property.
You will also have the option of working at camp during the pre season, which begins on June 1st. During pre-season you will work to open the camp, getting it ready for the summer. The Pre-season has a different salary structure than your summer contract; you will work 9-5 and will have the option of staying on camp property. More information on this will be available upon hiring.
4. Do I get paid?

Yes. Members of the summer staff receive a bi-weekly stipend, along with free room and board at Camp Good Days.
5. When does the application process begin?
Applications are now available online. If you would like a hard copy sent to you contact Chrissy Woods at Staff